ZITEC technisch handeln

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Transport technology

  • Standard wheels and rollers
    • Guide pulleys and fixed rollers for heavy loads
    • Wheels made of solid rubber, vulkollan, polyamide, cast iron and steel as well as with pneumatic tires
    • Cage made of galvanized sheet steel, solid steel and stainless steel as well as cast iron
    • Special wheels and rollers according to drawing
  • Special wheels and rollers
    • Conveyor technology
      • Runners and tape bindings
      • Reels, track idlers and ball casters
    • Device technology
      • Single and double guide pulleys
    • Heavy-load technology
      • Single and double heavy-duty rollers
      • Spring-loaded and unsprung
      • With interchangeable roller linings or fixed coating
    • Wet-room technology
      • Equipment, transport and heavy-duty rollers