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ZITEC project partner at the "Smart Logistic Grids" research project from RWTH Aachen University

As part of the Campus Cluster Logistics at the RWTH Aachen University ZITEC and the Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) collaborate at the research project Smart Logistic Grids.

Smart Logistic Grids aims to develop a risk management system, which increases efficiency and resilience of entire supply chain networks by offering better action alternatives within these networks on the basis of improved information availability and smooth procedural integration of various supply chain partners (manufacturer, supplier, logistic partner etc.).

A prototype of the risk management system will be implemented in the form of a supply chain operations room and a global supply chain event cloud as part of the Campus Cluster Logistics at RWTH Aachen University.

As project partner ZITEC will be responsible for parts management in the global supply chain case scenarios. Together with FIR methods and systems for a holistic evaluation, development and optimization of global logistic networks, from logistic planning and management to logistic regulation, will be developed. Determining risks and opportunities regarding stock quantity, transport and stockage an improved approach for supply chain logistics especially in the MRO sector (100% availability) is one of the research objectives.

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