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ZITEC enrolled at the RWTH Aachen University campus

ZITEC has strengthen its collaboration with the Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) at the RWTH Aachen University entering a cooperation at the Research Cluster Logistics.

RWTH Aachen University is one of Europe's leading research universities and has achieved global recognition in several fields of engineering and science. Therefore it is considered as one of the best German universities in fields such as mechanical and industrial engineering.
ZITEC gains with the enrollment access to the knowledge and experience gathered in a multitude of research and industry projects at RWTH Aachen University.

Under the umbrella term Industrial Management, the FIR carries out the application-oriented research cluster "Logistics" which is geared to an entirely new form of cooperation linking science and industry. All projects aim to solve both research-driven and industry-commissioned problem statements.

Here are some of the research projects the FIR and ZITEC are / were working on together:

  • Smart Logistic Grids (Development of a risk management system)
  • HybridChain (Overcoming of divergent target systems in enterprise networks in the consumer goods industry)
  • MSCO (Maintenance-Supply-Chain-Optimisation)
  • WInD (Versatile through integration potential and diversity)

For further information please visit: www.fir.rwth-aachen.de/en/



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