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Vacuum grippers - highly flexible lifting technique for sensible parts

Part 1: Choosing the right material

Defining a vacuum gripper the choice of the right material is very important besides form, dimensions and color to meet the requirements of each application.

Resistance to UV, ozone, oil, gasoline and a wide temperature range are aspects which demand a lot of the material used. Choosing a vacuum gripper abrasion resistance of the material composition has to be taken into consideration as well. Furthermore flexibility regarding adaptability of suction cups which lead to a higher holding force and lower leakage loss are another fundamental part.

While achiving high process dynamics and fast transport, it must be guaranteed that in each application indentations, transportation marks and breakage are avoided while maintaining maximum process safety. Besides visible, mechanical marks the “chemical” indentations, which lead to moisture-inhibiting particles at the handled part have to be avoided. High reject costs can be the result, if the part isn’t varnishable because of the particles. In electronics industry and CD-manufacturing antistatic characteristics are important. Applications in food and pharma industries demand food compatibility.

Trust on our longstanding expertise defining and choosing vacuum grippers for your individual application. Our competent technical team is always happy to be of assistance.

Next week in part 2: Choosing the right configuration


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