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Upcoming trainings on rotary and linear bearings

Advanced courses on rotary and linear bearings for construction, production and maintenance.


As experienced system supplier in every industrial sector and in the engineering industry ZITEC is extremely familiar with the applications and processes in production.

To pass on this expertise to our customers ZITEC offers trainings with a high practical orientation, lectured by experienced technicians and engineers and individually adjusted to the wishes and requirements of the participants. With our trainings you gather know-how and skills, which are fully applicable in practice right away, for example replacement of defective parts.


Advanced course on rotary bearings

Advanced course on linear bearings

18th May 2011

01st June 2011

14th September 2011

21st September 2011

16th November 2011

23rd November 2011


Rotary bearings advanced course


Linear bearings advanced course

- Identification of rotary bearings
- Construction of rotary bearings
- Application of mechanical
  mounting and dismounting
  at the mounting star
- Mounting of rotary bearings with 
  an induction heating device
- Dismounting with thermo-
  withdrawal ring
- Calibration of the internal
  clearance at spherical roller and 
  self-aligning ball bearings
  (feeler gauges, drive-up-method)

- Types, precision and preload of  
  profiled rail linear guides
- Dismounting and mounting of the
  training booth
- Mounting of profile rail to
  stop angle
- Calibration of the rail parallelism
  with dial gauge
- Mounting of accessories
  (sealing plug, seals etc.)
- Lubrication of rail guides



For further information about our trainings and registration, please feel free to contact us: info@zitec.de.


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