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Sustainable alternative to polyamid hoses

The supply situation for hoses made of polyamid (PA), especially PA12, has been tense since 2011 and is getting steadily worse. The situation on the commodity market is very critical and wonít change for the better in 2012. This is caused by a worldwide shortage of all pre- and end-products, which leads to PA12 being available only in a small numbers. In addition prices for polyamide has exponentially increased over the last weeks.

To find an adequate solutions for our customers is an ambition of ZITEC Industrietechnik GmbH.

New developed POM as alternative solution

This new, modified POM is a copolymer and free of softeners. Because of its modifications the character of POM plastics was improved highly. A tibologically character, low water absorption and excellent sliding/friction behavior reached parameters which were only accomplished with PA11/12 before. Bursting pressure, impact strength and low permeation are setting new standards. POM is suitable for various applications due to very good physical parameters. Protective hoses e.g. for seat adjuster and sunroof are successfully used in the automotive industry.

Polyamid vegetable oil-based

A polyamid vegetable oil-based with attributes of the petroleum-based PA12. The hose is conform to DIN73378, ISO 7628-2010 and replaces the PA-hose. Itís a very flexible hose and guarantees a good quality and better temperature and pressure resistance as a conventionally PA-hoses.

These materials provide a outstanding compromise regarding sustainable sourcing, security and long lifetime of systems and industry facilities intergrated in.

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