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SKF measuring instrument identifies spark erosion at an early stage

EDD Pen from SKF - easy to use

Today motors are installed in all industries and often are controlled by frequency converters. In this context there often ocurres the phenomenon spark erosion: In case the motor starts, the frequency converter creates tension in the drive shaft, that increases until the lubricant in the rolling bearing is bypassed and the electrical discharge happens upon the shaft. The spark erosion damages bearing and lubricant. The consequence is an early breakdown of bearing and machine.

So far the damages caused by spark erosion only have been disovered with great effort. With the EDD pen from SKF it is now possible to identify spark erosion at an early stage. The portable and low-cost measuring instrument is easy in use and can be applied without special training. The instrument identifies spark erosion within seconds and is appropriate for all industries.

We like to give you more details and also present the EDD pen directly on-site.