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Simple installation and highest operating performance of hydraulic connections

Looking at the installation of hydraulic pipes, efficiency is becoming more and more important.
It is therefore imperative that each available coupling technology is evaluated in an objective way and the most suitable solution is chosen.

Not in any case it is possible to draw a conclusion from the costs of components to operating efficiency. Furthermore the most efficient coupling method doesn't have to be the best solution.

The system with the easiest installation and highest operating performance is tube end forming. Every standard hydraulic pipe in steel or stainless steel is processed reliable in one step using a forming machine. No special tube preparations or reworking are required. Tube end forming therefore meets all demands regarding cost and time savings. The components can be used in accordance to DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1. These connections are approved in safety space and reach highest pressure resistance with substantially reduced attraction force.

Another important aspect evaluating the efficiency and quality of a coupling method is the error rate at pre-assembling, final assembling and subsequent assembling, which is close to zero using formed tubes.

The ZITEC Instandhaltungsservice GmbH assembles hydraulic connections with formed tubes or provides you with forming machines and all needed tools. If you have any questions regarding tube end forming please do not hesitate to contact our engineering service.


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