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RINGFEDER and GERWAH clutch program from one hand

As contract dealers of many years of the RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GmbH we are pleased to be able to offer to you from now on more variety of high-quality components of power transmission technology.

With the integration of GERWAH GmbH the VBG Group, to which also the RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GmbH belongs, extended its clutch program enormously.

Besides clamping connections, damping elements and special solutions of RINGFEDER now the portfolio also offers the well-known GERWAH product lines

  • Metall bellow-.
  • Elastomer-,
  • Safety- and
  • Magnetic clutches

More information to these products you will find under:

As a technical system supplier for power transmission technology we now offer a highly productive product range ex stock. Besides competent technical consulting and design our customers can get ready to be installed GERWAH clutches within 24 hours. Drilling, grooving and processing safety threads - all operations done within in the same working-day by own machines and delivered within 24 hours.

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