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Look behind the scenes - endoscopy in maintenance

Endoscopy makes machine parts which are difficult to access easily revisable. A flexible probe with an exceptionally powerful light source and a miniature camera is used. Captured videos can be viewed and analyzed over an integrated display, external monitor or PC. As a result weak-points are indentified and solved immediately.

It is clear that an inspection using endoscopy brings many advantages: Time and cost consumptions, which are aligned to disassembling machine parts difficulty accessible, are spared. Not until damaged components are identified clearly by endoscopy a replacement is taken into consideration.

ZITEC offers endoscopes for maintenance as well as information about handling them properly. Please do not hesitate to contact our product and application engineers, if you have questions about endoscopy systems or preventative maintenance.


ZITEC News No. 08/2012 | www.zitec.de | Contact: technik@zitec.de