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KMH transfers business to ZITEC

On July, 1st ZITEC Industrietechnik GmbH has taken over the KMH-Einzelteile-Fördertechnik, Passau.


We look forward to integrate the company KMH-Einzelteile-Fördertechnik into our business on July, 1st. With an expanded product range, leading quality brands and flexible service KMH has been a successful partner of the beverage and packaging industry for more than 15 years.

Materials handling equipment, chain technology, fluid linkages and different spare parts for plants were among the KMH product portfolio and are already included in the ZITEC service program.

KMH will stop its business until the end of June. Sales, services and logistics will be implemented from Plattling by July, 1st.

We are pleased to expand our service range especially for companies of the beverage and food industry.

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