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Energy-efficient operation of ventilation plants

Constantly rising energy prices made it necessary to realize possible savings especially in this field. Regarding the operation of old ventilation plants with timing belt side drives, energy prices can be reduced effectively by using high-performance wedge belts.

Efficiency of high-performance wedge belts is 97 %. Therefore 3 % of energy costs can be saved compared to standard wedge belts. A higher power density also results in a smaller number of belts reduced material, mounting and stocking costs are achieved. Furthermore costs for mandatory rentensioning with standard wedge belts do not apply, when maintenance-free belts are used.

Another important possible saving would be modifying drives to a higher energy efficiency grade like for example IE-2 resp. IE-3 and using energy efficient bearings.

Our engineering service consults you regarding possible savings with your plants and machines and supports you selecting suitable products in bearings and power transmission technology.


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