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2012-01-12 Sustainable alternative to polyamid hoses

The supply situation for hoses made of polyamid (PA), especially PA12, has been tense since 2011 and is getting steadily worse. The situation on the commodity market is very critical and wont change for the better in 2012. This...

2011-11-11 Improvement of plant availability with blowers

Mobile balancing allows oscillation correction without disassembling the fan impellers.

2011-11-04 Microdosage systems for bearing lubrication

Precise lubricant feeding of high-speed applications

2011-09-12 ZITEC at MOTEK 2011

MOTEK with positive conclusion.

2011-06-28 Festival "European Weeks" under the motto " Dieu In Times of Spiritual Upheaval"

ZITEC supports two events within the festival.