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2012-03-16 Simple installation and highest operating performance of hydraulic connections

Looking at the installation of hydraulic pipes, efficiency is becoming more and more important.It is therefore imperative that each available coupling technology is evaluated in an objective way and the most suitable solution is...

2012-03-09 Improvement of chain durability

Steel link chains are pulling devices, whose maximum service life is normally limited by joint wear and associated chain elongation. As a general rule a drive chain is deemed to be worn out as soon as a chain elongation of 3 % is...

2012-02-27 Look behind the scenes - endoscopy in maintenance

Endoscopy makes machine parts which are difficult to access easily revisable. A flexible probe with an exceptionally powerful light source and a miniature camera is used. Captured videos can be viewed and analyzed over an...

2012-01-26 Shaft alignment for increased machine availability

Premature bearing failures of gear units are often caused by shaft misalignments.

2012-01-20 Energy saving with IE2 compliant motors

Obsolete electric motors result in higher energy consumption.