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2012-05-04 ZITEC at AUTOMATICA 2012

22nd to 25th May 2012, New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Hall B1, Stand 311

2012-05-01 ZITEC takes over WLB Antriebselemente in Mannheim

ZITEC Industrietechnik GmbH has taken over the commercial operations of the company WLB Antriebselemente Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Scarrastr. 12, 68307 Mannheim, Germany by 1st May 2012 („Asset Deal“).

2012-04-16 Maintenance free V-belts allow operation without retensioning

Standard V-belts have to be retensioned regularly after first assembly. Settlement of the tie beam and its strain results in the loss of pretension. Because of missing pretension efficiency of belt drives is reduced and at worst...

2012-03-29 Correct belt tension for operating safety and cost savings

Timing belts, V-belts or ripped belts have to be pretensioned before a drives initial operation. To get a reliable drive the adjusting method to twist the belt by 90 degrees is not sufficient as the feeling for the necessary...

2012-03-16 Simple installation and highest operating performance of hydraulic connections

Looking at the installation of hydraulic pipes, efficiency is becoming more and more important.It is therefore imperative that each available coupling technology is evaluated in an objective way and the most suitable solution is...